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Successful Suffering Part One: Transformation: From Fear to Faith

Most of us are quick to tell someone who is hurting that this, too, shall pass, and that there is a purpose in their pain. It’s easy to say, but is it easy to live? Shelli Lynn Ross was an engineering student at the University of Illinois when she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. The one time basketball player, sprinter, aerobics teacher, and star student, went from being extremely independent and active, to being confined to a wheelchair, and needing daily assistance. But her faith in GOD, has kept her. She could have given in to her suffering, but instead Shelli earned her engineering degree and went on to get her master’s degree, and even write this book.

Suffering and trials are a part of life for both believers and nonbelievers alike. Believers have an advantage, however; they have the Word of God to get them through. God gives His children every tool necessary to benefit from the trials of life. Shelli never planned on a diagnosis of MS. But she also never could have predicted the many blessings she would receive from her suffering.

The key to benefiting from the bad is keeping our eyes on Him. If we depend on the flesh, we will be filled with fear. If we look to God and live by faith, we will be filled with strength and hope. Shelli’s path is not an easy one, but it has been necessary to teach her the purpose of her life. You may be going through similar pain, but weep not, for God is with you, and He will bring you through the darkness and into the light.

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